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By submitting this application, I am applying for credit with this dealership or a designated financing source, I certify that all information herein is true and complete, and I certify that I am the person named above. I authorize this dealership and any potential financing source to retain this application, to check and verify my credit, employment, and salary history. By using the dealers website, I authorize them to provide reports on the status of my credit application, including information concerning whether I pre-qualify for a loan, which lender’s loan offer (if any) I choose to accept, whether my application for credit is denied, and whether I accept a loan from the specified lender.

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Reminder: Please bring these required documents with you to speed up the finance process.

1. Proof of Residency, this can include a recent (within 35 days) utility bill, phone bill or cable bill.

2. Proof of Income, this can include a recent pay stub (within 35 days), for 1099 applicants, 3-months of bank statements or 3 months of cancelled checks, or an Income Letter stating start date and monthly income.

3. Optional Proof of Residency: Cover page of your bank statement with your bank logo and your name and address. We do not require the transaction page for W2 workers.

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